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Sleep dentistry can improve oral health as well as sleep quality

Dr. David Brusky helps patients achieve better rest and better overall health

Sleep dentistry professional Dr. David Brusky’s holistic approach to overall health has him seeing an increasing number of patients who fail to achieve high-quality rest due to sleep-disordered breathing. This chronic issue can result in crooked teeth or overcrowding of teeth if not addressed at a young age.

Sleep-disordered breathing, of which obstructive sleep apnea is one type, typically features mouth breathing as opposed to the preferred nasal breathing. Patients with nasal obstructions are twice as likely to have a sleep problem, but it is not the only reason people begin breathing through their mouths.

Dr. David and his team at The Center for Dental Excellence provide airway and sleep dentistry services for patients throughout the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area. Patients also count on Dr. David for general dentistry services as well as restorative procedures such as implant bridges.

Sleep dentistry focuses on avoiding airway obstructions

Obstructive sleep apnea is a common breathing dysfunction that reduces the amount of oxygen entering the body and results in poor sleep quality. It results from a collapse of the upper airway during sleep at one of several sites: the soft palate, the tongue falling back into the throat, the epiglottis or the throat muscles themselves.

Dr. David works with patients to instill proper breathing techniques, often with the aid of a temporary oral appliance, mouth taping and/or myofunctional therapy exercises. Research shows that correcting a tendency to breathe through the mouth has additional benefits for children that can carry into adulthood.

Nasal breathing encourages proper cranial development, of which 90 percent of facial growth takes place by age 12. This impacts both physical, cognitive and emotional development. Breathing with an open mouth for several years during this critical growth stage can elongate the skull, narrow the palate, and lead to crooked or overcrowding of teeth.

In addition, chronically poor sleep quality can result in higher rates of ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities and other challenges. Obstructive sleep apnea puts additional stress on the entire body and leads to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, dementia, Alzheimers, cancer, diabetes, stroke and obesity as well.

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