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Painless root canals can be a reality for Green Bay dental patients

Dr. David Brusky uses the latest techniques for virtually painless root canals

Dental science has progressed to the point where many of the procedures that had struck fear into patients years ago are now virtually free from discomfort. Painless root canals are a prime example, with a combination of anesthetics and advanced techniques producing consistently successful outcomes.

Dr. David Brusky is a Green Bay dentist who focuses on helping his patients understand the steps involved with this relatively common procedure. Dr. David and his team at The Center for Dental Excellence have found that patient education is an important step in creating a relaxing and healing environment.

“Minimizing fear of the unknown is a significant step in our patients’ ability to experience virtually painless root canals,” Dr. David says. “Our patients often mention they are pleasantly surprised to have experienced painless root canals after their procedures are complete.”

Painless root canals can treat infections before they become more severe

Root canals are appropriate procedures when extensive tooth decay reaches the inside of the tooth structure, known as the pulp, and causes it to become irreversibly inflamed, infected or necrotic (dead). Multiple dental procedures on the same tooth or trauma such as a crack or a blow to the tooth can also can lead to infection, while severe gum disease can impact a tooth’s root system.

Some patients mistakenly believe their tooth has “healed” when they no longer feel pain from hot or cold temperatures. In fact, this usually is an indication the nerve inside the tooth has died. Pain could then increase and actually become more severe as the infection spreads to the surrounding areas of the jawbone.

“Good dentistry combats tooth infection at its source before it can affect the rest of your smile,” Dr. David explains. “Painless root canals are possible when we can treat the underlying problem early in its development. This is why we encourage our patients to maintain a schedule of regular checkups as well as contacting us when they feel discomfort.”

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