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Looking for a Green Bay dentist that promotes sustainability?

The Center for Dental Excellence focuses on benefits to patients and the environment

Patients who are interested in finding a Green Bay dentist whose philosophy includes doing the right things for the environment appreciate the efforts of Dr. David Brusky and his team at The Center for Dental Excellence.

Dr. David’s holistic viewpoint includes comprehensive dental care with an emphasis on the overall well-being of his patients. This includes using amalgam-free fillings as his preferred option for cavity repair.

Properly disposing of the heavy metals contained in amalgam fillings is an important function for a Green Bay dentist concerned with the environment. The Center for Dental Excellence team captures amalgam pieces that become dislodged during filling repair procedures. This prevents them from escaping into the fragile wastewater stream and instead prepares them for recycling.

We also use ozonated water in place of many chemicals that we otherwise could use,” Dr. David says. “Ozone is a very powerful natural disinfectant that is gaining in popularity in the medical community. It’s another way we can provide a safer environment for our patients and team members.”

Green Bay dentist Dr. David Brusky emphasizes green initiatives

The Center for Dental Excellence provides patients with 100 percent compostable toothbrushes as an additional nod to environmental sensitivity. These brushes feature bristles made from castor bean oil rather than nylon. The bristles as well as the bamboo handle are USDA-certified biodegradable.

Toothpaste is another aspect of Dr. David’s practice that differentiates him as an environmentally friendly Green Bay dentist. We give our patients toothpaste that includes a proprietary additive which helps remineralize the tooth structure, all without the potentially hazardous chemistry present in many brands.

The Center for Dental Excellence has an array of 26 solar panels outside of our Howard office that provides a clean source of energy to help us reduce our carbon footprint. You will also notice the variety of wildlife and birds on the property that are well fed by our team as Dr. David strives to serve the area as a conscientious Green Bay dentist.

About The Center for Dental Excellence in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Dr. David Brusky and his team provide general dentistry services within a holistic framework for patients in Green Bay, Howard, Suamico, De Pere, Pulaski, Shawano and other communities in northeastern Wisconsin. The Center for Dental Excellence is located at 410 Security Blvd., behind the United Health Group building (formerly AMS) in Green Bay, Wisconsin. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (920) 662-1440 or go to

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