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Looking for a gentle dentist to ease your fears?

Specially formulated anesthetic helps differentiate Dr. Brusky as a gentle dentist

Investments in a specially compounded anesthetic gel and a computerized anesthetic delivery system are some of the reasons Dr. David Brusky at The Center for Dental Excellence is thought of as a gentle dentist in Green Bay.

Dr. David’s focus on being a gentle dentist begins with the application of a locally compounded, triple anesthetic gel that numbs the tissues and nerve endings in your mouth. Our hygienists use this gel for patients who have sensitive gums prior to routine cleanings in addition to use in Dr. David’s process to prepare patients for more extensive procedures such as painless root canals.

He uses a brand new needle tip for each injection to further minimize discomfort. This is especially helpful for procedures that require multiple anesthetic injections to numb different areas of the mouth.

“Injections tend to create the most apprehension in patients, which is why we use this gel to eliminate that discomfort,” Dr. David explains. “The profound anesthetic effect of the gel makes any stinging sensation from the injection practically imperceptible.”

An extra-effective anesthetic is step 2 in being a gentle dentist

The Center for Dental Excellence uses a special approach to the anesthetic injection itself that reduces discomfort while enhancing its effectiveness. We use an additive that elevates the pH of the anesthetic liquid so it is less acidic and causes less of a sting. As a bonus, the Onset® Anesthetic Buffering System makes the anesthetic more bioavailable for your body, increasing potency without increasing toxicity.

“We use the Wand computer-assisted system because it injects the solution without stinging and generates a more profound anesthesia,” Dr. David says. “It just works better. It’s been a godsend and a big reason why a lot of our patients are more comfortable with injections.”

As a gentle dentist, Dr. David uses a European technique to perform tooth extractions in which he gently wiggles the tooth for one minute and then lets it sit for a while. During that period, the tooth becomes looser on its own and results in a far less traumatic experience for the body, jawbone and adjoining tissues.

“When a patient tells me they do feel something, I believe them,” Dr. David says. “I am not one of those dentists who refuses to give more anesthetic. It is part of my role as a gentle dentist to show compassion for my patients.”

About The Center for Dental Excellence in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Dr. David Brusky and his team provide general dentistry services within a holistic framework for patients in Green Bay, Howard, Suamico, De Pere, Pulaski, Shawano and other communities in northeastern Wisconsin. The Center for Dental Excellence is located at 410 Security Blvd., behind the United Health Group building (formerly AMS) in Green Bay, Wisconsin. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (920) 662-1440 or go to