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New Product for a Pain-Free Dental Visit: Silver Diamine Fluoride

The fear of pain can (sadly) keep many people from visiting their dentist on a regular basis. What these dental-phobic people fail to realize is that the fear of pain is just that – it’s a fear not unlike a fear of the dark; a feeling that’s completely misplaced. The dark can be fantastic when you’re trying to get some sleep or attempting to watch a good movie. Likewise, dentistry doesn’t have to hurt.

Dr. Brusky focuses on tools and techniques that provide a gentler dental experience.

Not only does Dr. Brusky take his time with patients to ensure their total comfort (not to mention the cosmetic and general dentist has made every effort possible to create a warm and inviting environment that patients tend to love), but Dr. Brusky now has a new product that ensures a pain-free dental experience.

The product is known as Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF), which Dr. Brusky calls a “game changer” in the field of dentistry.

Silver Diamine Fluoride: A Non-Operative Treatment for Cavities and Pain

SDF is a topical treatment that is used to treat dental caries (cavities) and hypersensitivity (sensitive teeth). The treatment has been used in Japan, China, New Zealand, and Australia for several decades, and has just recently been awarded FDA approval for use in the United States.

For eight years, the FDA researched SDF to determine its safety and efficacy, and now Advantage Arrest (38% silver diamine fluoride) is available to dental offices, including The Center for Dental Excellence.

“Silver diamine fluoride is an amazing new treatment that allows for the treatment of cavities in baby teeth without any drilling. What’s more, it can help stop decay from progressing indefinitely in permanent teeth, buying time for a person with a mouthful of decay. And when applied to cavities, it acts as a reservoir of fluoride and silver ions to prevent new cavities from starting elsewhere in the mouth. This is a huge paradigm shift in dental therapy and prevention” Dr. Brusky explained.

Dr. Brusky added that the excitement around SDF originates from its ability to reduce hypersensitivity. Dental hypersensitivity is characterized by discomfort when the teeth are exposed to extreme heat or cold. The issue is caused when the enamel of a tooth wears away, leaving the dentin exposed. The dentin, which a tooth is primarily comprised of, contains microscopic nerve endings that can become exposed when the dentin begins to degrade without the protection of the tooth’s enamel.

SDF has been shown to reduce bacteria and MMPs (matrix metalloproteinases), which are responsible for dentin degradation, thus reducing hypersensitivity.

The Many Benefits of Silver Diamine Fluoride

Dr. Brusky enjoys using SDF and it’s not only because his patients are able to experience zero pain in his dental chair.

“I like the use of SDF because it’s colorless, odorless, and works incredibly fast. A single drop can provide immediate relief from discomfort and pain, and it’s also cost-effective. One drop can also be used for multiple teeth!” Dr. Brusky said.

In addition, SDF kills pathogenic organisms, hardens dentin so that it’s more resistant to acid and abrasion, and can provide important feedback to dentists like Dr. Brusky because of its potential to stain visible or hidden dental lesions. SDF will not stain healthy dentin or enamel, however.

Ask Dr. Brusky About SDF Today

Dr. Brusky uses 38% silver diamine fluoride in addition to other topical anesthetics to provide a truly gentle dental experience. To learn more about Dr. Brusky’s use of SDF for a pain-free dental experience, call or visit our office at (920) 662-1440.

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