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Dental crowns should not be an automatic choice for tooth repair

Fillings, onlays preserve more of the tooth’s natural structure

Dental crowns tend to be one of the more misunderstood tooth repair options, largely because there is no hard and fast rule in determining when they are the best option. Dentists often consider using dental crowns if your tooth has a cavity that’s too severe for a filling, or when the tooth risks cracking or otherwise has been weakened.

Dr. David Brusky and his team at The Center for Dental Excellence focus on retaining the natural enamel whenever possible. Dr. David considers several factors related to your overall dental health rather than immediately resorting to dental crowns.

“As composite resins and porcelains have improved, my first thought now is whether a direct filling or a porcelain onlay would serve the tooth better,” Dr. David says. “A filling that creates the proper anatomy and form of a tooth can be a long-term fix.”

Dental crowns remain appropriate in the right situation

The decision on whether to use a minimally invasive dental procedure such as a tooth-colored filling or porcelain onlay rather than a dental crown often comes down to how much of the natural tooth structure remains functional.

Fillings and onlays are not always the best choice for tooth repair, however. Back teeth that have needed a root canal procedure are more pre-disposed to fracturing vertically, making them better candidates for dental crowns.

A dental crown covers the remaining tooth structure like a sleeve, providing support and protection for long-term use. It recreates the form of the tooth before decay or fracture decimated its functionality.

Crown materials range from porcelain and composite resins to zirconia and even a combination of materials. Dr. David avoids metal-based crowns for a variety of reasons, including aesthetics and potential allergy issues.

As a painless dentist, Dr. David’s philosophy regarding crowns has evolved over his career to a more conservative approach in which less-invasive options are his first choice. Contact us to schedule an examination and discuss whether dental crowns are the best choice for you.

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